In search of my dream green

During the week I spent one of my lunch breaks in my local B&Q perusing paint in search of the perfect green for my study. I don’t know how long it’s been there, as this has been my first trip to B&Q in many years, but we now have a rather snazzy Valspar counter. With around two thousand colours to choose from, there were rather a lot of greens on offer. I whittled down the seventeen tester cards I had in my hands. Yes that’s right – seventeen. I eventually settled on four colours that I purchased tester pots of to take home and slap on the walls… And then went back for a further three.

imageThe  colours (in the pots) from left to right – back row first

1. Pressed Olive  2. Aloe Vera  3. Rainforest Retreat  4. Emerald Enchantment

5.  Cotswold Hills. 6.  Crocodile Style  7. Garden Glory


As you’ll know from my last post, I was rather taken with a certain pic I’d seen on Pinterest of an emerald green room with leopard print stools. Yet, having put the testers on the walls, I’m really surprised to be feeling rather underwhelmed with the emerald green. The olivey tones however, have exceeded my expectations! I’ll keep you posted on which hue I eventually decide on.