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Ready. Steady. Go!

And we’re off! The first week back to work at Number 18 has started with lightening speed! But first I’ll rewind a little as I’ve missed out some progress that was made before Christmas. All of which was intended for far more detailed individual posts, so please forgive me.


The plumber returned to fit the boiler and hung the radiators upstairs. We are having a system boiler setup and the plumber will be returning again shortly to install the stand alone tank. We also chose the last lot of tiles which will be going on our kitchen and utility floor. We managed to get a bargain at £11 per square metre, so they didn’t break the bank!


Even with Dan working so carefully trying to hack off around the corbels and arch, it all came crashing down around him – not a good day at Number 18. For a split second pushing him off the ladder crossed my mind, I won’t lie. So after the plastering was completed Kayvic, a local plaster work manufacturer, fitted new corbels. We also attached a moulding to the arch to try and recreate what was there before.


At the same time, Kayvic repaired the cornicing in our lounge, dining room and a small section in the hall. Above is a picture of the cornicing before the repairs. It now requires a bead adding to it and once that’s been done I’ll share some more snaps. The cornicing isn’t the same in all of the rooms. The most ornate is in the lounge, and it’s this cornicing that we had a moulding taken of so that we could replicate it throughout the house.


Ok. So now I’ve brought you up to speed (I hope there isn’t anything I’ve left out), I’ll share what progress has been made over the last week. We’ve had both the tiler start and Kayvic back to put cornicing up on the ceilings in our kitchen, utility and hall landing. We will eventually put the cornicing up in all of the bedrooms upstairs. However, it’s not the cheapest and currently the savings pot won’t allow for bedrooms as well.


Now. On to the tiling, which is actually progressing really well. The tiler has been at the Casa for three days this week. So far he’s done a fantastic job and I’m looking forward to seeing the downstairs shower room finished. I know I say how exciting all of this is alot, but it really is. I love to see my home taking shape just how I’ve always dreamt it.