Spruced up front of house

The eagerly awaited, loverly-jubbly front door is finally here! You’ll know from previous posts that I got very excited and overwhelmed when our new windows were fitted. So a no brainer that I would be rather excitable when it came to the door arriving.

On the day the door was fitted, I passed the house on my way to work. The old door was already out and on the floor – Cue major car shrieking! I spent all day imagining what it was going to look like when I got home from work. Productive day you’re thinking right!? 5pm couldn’t come quick enough, and as the clock struck, I was out of the office and whizzing out of the car park. I wasn’t disappointed. So, here it is. Isn’t it a beauty…


It’s black, of course. What other colour would it be!? Complete with gold accessories – obviously. I am completely head over heels for the number 18 in the fanlight. It’s so nice to see the back of the white PVC door and have something more fitting with the property. I cannot believe the difference the new front door has made to the overall appearance to our front of house.