My partner and I became the proud owners of Number 18 in October 2012. The house is a four bedroom semi-detached property in a relatively small village in South Wales (UK). Originally built for middle-management personnel working at the local nickel factory in 1905, the property is one of many in the village built to house some of its estimated 3000 workers. That was back in its heyday and today the factory only employs a few hundred staff.

The property had been unoccupied for some time when we bought it and had definitely seen better days. Problems ranged from a leaking roof, to rising damp and rotting timbers. Yet many original features survive, including beautiful cornicing which we hope to copy and replicate right through the entire property. Here’s hoping my pocket can cope with the expense!

We are doing as much of the renovation ourselves, using tradesmen as and when necessary. We are novices and learning about renovating as we go along, which can sometimes be quite scary! However, despite the stress and the unknown, renovating a period property is something I’ve always wanted to do. I simply love the character of period buildings and the story that they tell. In addition to this I have a passion for beautiful homes.

I’m hoping this blog will serve as a reminder of our journey with Number 18, and possibly inspiration to others embarking on similar projects.

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  1. Wow, you certainly have your work cut out. I greatly admire you; it makes what we had to do pale into insignificance! Will look forward to seeing how it all turns out, good luck! Jude

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