Dot & Dab

The plastering has started and is now well underway! Hooray I hear you say! I cannot express just how badly I am itching to get a paint brush in my hand. Yet friends tell me this will quickly change as soon as the painting actually commences. Hmmm.


The plastering is happening in three different stages and this is due to the construction of Number 18. We’ve been advised that because of the wood, brick and stone that make up the internal walls of the house, it is not wise to rough and skim on top as we could end up with some serious cracking. So first of all the walls are roughed with waterproofed cement. Completely irrelevant, but the cement smells like wet dog! Yuck! The second stage is to board over the cement. The roughed walls are dotted with a plasterboard adhesive and the boards applied on top. I’m told the adhesive completely sets within an hour and the plasterers have to work quite quickly with the boards.


The change at this point has been unbelievable. The house has been so dark after being taken back to bare brick and with the ceilings pulled down. It seemed a little lighter when the ceilings were boarded, but got darker again when the walls were roughed. However, this drastically changed when the boards were put up. It felt so light and airy. It’s also made the house feel more like an actual house and less like a building site. It’s nice to feel that we’ve almost made a turning point – almost.


And finally, the third stage is the pink! The skimming is nearly all complete. The rooms that were started first are now almost dry and will soon be ready to paint.

I don’t care what anyone says, I’m going to feel like a champion with a paint brush in my hand!!! Bring it on!!



2 thoughts on “Dot & Dab

  1. Marisa says:

    I’m so enjoying your blog,and it’s wonderful to see the changes.As you know it was once the home of a local photographer,I recall taking our six month old baby there to have his first professional photo taken,(he is now 42).
    Another time now and fresh young eyes breath new life into a forgotten period home.
    Good luck to you both.I look forward to your next posting.

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