Plaster Prep

So I promised I wouldn’t let wedding planning completely take over, and I guess it kind of has. Two months have passed and I’ve not written a thing about Number 18. Perhaps I’m not cut out for blogging. Or perhaps I’ve bitten off more than I can chew!? I guess we don’t do things by halves – renovating and planning a wedding. However, the dress has now been purchased and that’s a big tick off the wedding to do list. Maybe it’ll mean more time for blogging, we shall see. So to bring you up to date with the goings on at Number 18, I’ve got some pics together and managed to put fingers to keyboard.



I’ve already posted about the electrics, that’s all done. Well, except for the minor incident where I changed my mind on the location of the bed in the master bedroom. As there were no power points on this wall for bedside lamps, Dan had to sort this very quickly – days before the plasters were due to start. I mentioned it a few weeks ago that I thought we’d made a mistake, or at least were silly to have not given ourselves the option of where to put the bed. Dan reminded me of how I had told him that I definitely did not want to put the bed on any other wall. I sensed his frustration and thought I’d better shut up. I put it to the back of my mind, and then got increasingly panicky as the plastering drew closer and closer. My worry regarding our lack of options quickly changed to a realisation I no longer wanted the bed where we originally decided it should go. With boards still to go up and the house needing tidying from top to bottom to allow the plasterers room to work (we had all sorts of crap everywhere!), you can imagine the reaction when two days before plastering I told Dan he had to sort the socket situation. Perhaps I shouldn’t talk about this – Dan will read this and be reminded. I’m in enough trouble over it as it is… moving swiftly on.


The first fix plumbing has been completed now too, with a lot of the work already having been completed for the showers as the pipe work is going to be hidden in the wall. The above photo on the left is of our downstairs shower room where the shower head will be fixed to ceiling. We also have wall boxes which I think make for great storage solutions – so there’ll be no shampoo bottles on the floor of the shower.


Dan has stuffed the ceilings with insulation. I’m hoping the house is going to be warm as I’m such a freezer!! After hiring a plasterboard lift, Dan has also finished boarding the ceilings and the next job is plastering – stay tuned!



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