When things don’t go to plan…

But when do they ever!? We’ve certainly had a productive few weeks at Number 18, but not really doing what we envisaged we’d be doing at this stage in the project. This has unfortunately knocked us back even further in terms of timescales, but I’ve learned that when renovating a house you have to roll with the punches as nothing is ever straight forward.

Our next thing to do on our tick list was to plaster – major milestone. Unfortunately our new gas and water main pipes have HAD to be laid instead. We didn’t plan on doing this until after the house had been plastered. We thought it made sense to start work outside when there wasn’t much we could do inside. It seemed the most sensible thing to do. However, like all well laid out plans they went out of the window when Wales and West Utilities confirmed we could no longer extend on the date of the gas pipe being laid. We had to be ready for it on the 7th July! Oh. Dear.


So a digger was hired, as well as someone clever to drive it and work began on the trench. The front of the property is elevated, which meant Dan spent a bit of time carefully dismantling the wall so we can have a slopping drive up the side and re-use the bricks to re-build the front wall. The trench was then dug right the way up the side of the house to where the gas and water will enter the property at the back.



In the afternoon we tracked the digger across the building plot next door to start tiering Mount Everest that is our garden. I wanted slightly bigger tiers than what we will end up having, but they’re not small by any means, and it saves on a larger outlay for bigger retaining walls. The garden is so steep but we’ve managed to create three tiers. The lowest being big enough for, wait for it, a bucking bronco!! Which will hopefully be sat in my garden for our house warming party! The third tier is flat to start off with, however the top of the garden is much steeper, so we have left that alone, apart from creating a small flat area right at the top. We may put decking on this as the views are stunning from the top of the garden. I’m looking forward to one day sitting up there admiring the view and all of our hard work with a large glass of red. Bliss!




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