First Fix Electrical Stresses

After much deliberation of where to put power points and switches, the electrician has finally started. Easy you say? Nuh-uh! It has been the cause of much stress and bickering between me and my partner. I’ve never considered myself as indecisive until faced with the decision-making of the location of so many light switches and just as many, if not more, power sockets! I think my partner will throttle me if I mention another location I want a power point as it might be handy for plugging in a hoover!

You can never have too many they say… So we’ve put the damn things everywhere!!! I started to think I was being over dramatic. That was until friends came for a visit and then quickly asked me to stop explaining the four different locations you could turn the hall light on and off, and how the two landing lights need to work independently of each other…. Ok they laughed initially and then practically begged me to shut up! It’s taken hours upon hours as I’m not prepared to make a mistake. It has to be right, but really I’m rather fed up of it now in all honesty.

The kitchen layout is currently holding up finalising the electrics for the kitchen as well as laying cables for the endless amount of spot lights. This of course is also causing a hold up in deciding the location of the light fitting that will be sitting precisely over the middle of the breakfast bar. We’ve also got UFH thermostats to be hard-wired, an alarm system, heat sensors, sky cables, telephone and tv points to think about. It’s a minefield! That’s all I want to do is look at sofas and paint samples, and not ponder over sockets.




6 thoughts on “First Fix Electrical Stresses

  1. I did an electrical layout that originally included a double socket in every corner of every room, dozens of lights on dimmers, wall lights, eight external lights, wiring for future garden lights etc. Then I saw the quote! Needless to say I have cut back somewhat. Who is doing your kitchen?

  2. We’ve got a lot of double sockets, eleven external lights (one being a PIR) and an outside terminal for lights to go up the garden once we’ve tiered it, but the quote is very reasonable considering the amount of work. However, my partner is training to become an electrician so is helping, and doing any chasing/prep work himself. We are getting the kitchen from a local builders merchant, which our carpenter will install. It’s currently a toss up between Mereway’s Cucina Colore range, or Halvanto. They both do nice gloss wood doors.

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