Sniffles & Statement Cups

So I’ve neglected my blog over the last two weeks whilst suffering with flu, that then turned into sinusitis! Yuck! Just before I started to feel under the weather, House of Fraser had a 30% off sale and I thought it was a good time to purchase the Biba cups I’d been lusting over!

The day they arrived I was as excited as you can be with sinusitis I suppose, but the delivery certainly did cheer me, even if it was only slightly! My apologies go out to the delivery man who had the pleasure of me answering the door. I  hesitated taking the box as I’d just been putting drops into my eyes and didn’t want to accidentally touch his hand. Yes, I had an eye infection too for good measure! Anyway, enough about my lurgy and back to the cups! The white and gold is not dissimilar to a starburst pattern, and quite striking. My other obsession besides gold is black, which meant I also ordered the black and gold cups which are in the style of Art Deco. I’m sure you’ll agree they are really beautiful. Not cheap, but definitely worth it!



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