Concrete Floor Luxury

Floors – Part IV

Can you believe it!? Number 18 finally has a solid floor!! And even though I’ve majorly skimmed over a lot of work that has been carried out at the Casa, I’m getting close to catching up to where we currently are in the project. (I will slip into Italian here and there as it’s in my blood. The Casa is what Number 18 is affectionately known as).

The screed was laid on the 24 January, and to take us back up to floor level required 14 tonnes of screed. However, with three labourers on site that day it was all over and done with in a matter of hours. Well, laying the screed took a few hours, letting it cure and dry out took days. I could only admire our new floors from the doorstep, and I really had to fight the urge to go in! What can I say!? I’m very impatient! Anyhow, when the floors had set, like the windows, having a solid floor felt like such a major achievement! And quite a luxury at that!



One thought on “Concrete Floor Luxury

  1. We have just had a new concrete floor laid in our kitchen diner, the screed went in yesterday. I am having to resist all temptation to walk on it! It just looks so smooth and inviting 🙂

    Looking forward to your next blog instalment!

    C x

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