Deadline Doom

Floors – Part II

During November and into December (after the windows were fitted) we continued our work with the floor. On top of the hardcore we laid DPM and insulation boards. As we both work full-time, whole weekends were spent trying to get the insulation done. We desperately wanted the floors completed before Christmas, unfortunately getting the job done took a lot longer than we initially anticipated. It was like putting together a massive jigsaw puzzle! The house has little nooks everywhere, which made the job extra fiddly! We’d find patches where boards were rocking and have to take them all up to put sand down to fill in any uneven areas. It seemed never-ending and the longer it went on we knew it would be a miracle to get the insulation, underfloor heating pipe work and a screed completed, all before Christmas. Even with all the late nights that were spent at Number 18, unfortunately we just couldn’t get it finished in time for the plumber to start before Christmas. Deadlines – don’t ya just love em!?

image image


4 thoughts on “Deadline Doom

  1. I am interested to know – what experience of home renovation or building did you have when you took on this project? You seem to have managed the project yourself, which is braver than I am!

  2. Personally, before number 18, none! However, my dad has built properties before. Well when I say built, he’s project managed builds and has a lot of contacts in the trade. If it wasn’t for my dad, we would never have even attempted it as we didn’t have the funds to completely hand the project over to a builder. I don’t think we’re brave, maybe just a little crazy!

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