A sash window love affair

During 2013 so much work was carried out at Number 18, it would be impossible to post about each and every single job. Especially retrospectively! It’s amazing how much you forget as the project progresses and looking back over photos in order to post on this blog reminds me of just how much we’ve achieved.

Over the Summer months we started converting the coal shed and outside toilet into a downstairs shower room. Doors were widened to accommodate French doors, a window was lifted to allow kitchen units to fit underneath and we said goodbye to the bay window on the side to put in French doors here too. I found this a particularly difficult decision, but sometimes you have to be practical and we needed to create room for a driveway – the only way to do so was to take it up the side of the house. The resized windows and doors (every opening except one downstairs) remained boarded up for months whilst we finalised our order with a local glazing company. The house was dark and quite depressing. I missed the light flooding through the windows.

And then, during November, the new sash windows arrived! The first day of installation felt like such a turning point, I was so overwhelmed I couldn’t stop the tears from falling! The difference they have made to the house is beyond belief. I’m particularly proud of the detailing on the bay window. A new front door has also been ordered, although this won’t be fitted until all other work has been completed on the property. I cannot wait for the door to be fitted and I suspect on the day there’ll be tears again!

Below are some photos of our beautiful new windows…

image image image image image


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